Aquatic Therapy

Blue Water Therapy offers comprehensive Aquatic Therapy programs individualized for each client. Aquatic Therapy refers to treatments and exercises performed in the water for physical rehabilitation, fitness, physical, and other therapeutic benefits  Treatments and exercise are performed while floating, partially submerged or fully submerged based upon the needs of the treatment for each individual. Our Aquatic therapy is offered in a heated outdoor pool. During the winter months, the pool is covered with an enclosure so we can continue to offer this service during the cold season. Each client is with the therapist during their treatment to ensure safety and full benefit from each therapy session.


Benefits of Aquatic Therapy

  • The waters buoyancy reduces pressure on your joints
  • Pain relief and swelling reduction by being in the water
  • Water resistance and specialized pool equipment help to improve strength, balance, mobility, and function
  • Aquatic therapy makes it possible to do exercise that could be painful or even impossible outside of the pool
  • Aquatic therapy has been known for improvement with increased heart function and better circulation